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Meet the team.

  • 한보석

    CEO & Founder

    M.S. in Mech. Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    Former Manager of BMW Group, South Korea

  • 류창완


    Ph.D in Business Administration
    Professor at Hanyang University
    Former CEO of Cyber Pass (KOSDAQ)

  • 이상운

    CIO & CFO

    Seoul National University, M.S. in Technology Management
    Prev. ETRI, UN, World Bank

  • Wilson Jiang

    China Director

    HKUST M.S. in Mech. Engineering
    Bailing Co. Vice President
    Prev. ARUP Engineering Consultant

  • 이유호

    Law/Operation Director

    Yonsei University, B.S. in Urban Planning & Engineering
    Prev. Private Law Firm (Lawyer)
    Government Regulation Strategy Management

  • 전준희

    External Board Member

    Senior Director of Engineering, Google Inc.
    Co-founder, ESTSoft Co.
    Co-founder, DaulSoft Co.

  • 최봉우

    Development Director

    CEO of Ilark Communication
    Co-founder, ESTSoft Co.
    14 Engineers of Ilark Communication are committing on ALL THE TIME

  • 최용준

    Technical Advisor

    Chairman of Advantech
    Sales of Advantech KR is $50 Mil., HQ in Taiwan is $1.2 Bil.
    Industrial Computer for Automobile, Manufacturing

  • 신은지


    前 BMW그룹 마케팅 담당

  • 안진호

    Technical Advisor

    Professor at Hanyang University
    Research & Development Fund Management
    Patent & Paper Registration Advisor

  • 최용준


    前 정보통신부 소속
    이사진 정책 고문

  • 신준오

    Investment Advisor

    Director of Tencent Games, Country Director of Tencent Japan
    Former Venture Investment Manager

  • 이단비

    Sales Marketing Manager

    B.A. in Global Media, Soongsil University,
    Audi Teian Motors, Overseas Sales Manager of Enliple

  • 정현석

    Business Development Manager

    B.A. in International Liberal Arts, Waseda University,
    Former Researcher of Yuanta Securities

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